• short of time
  • dislike shopping
  • need some fabulous new clothes and accessories to impress a new acquaintance
  • want someone to take the hassle out of navigating your style choices
  • want to make the most of your physique through your garments
  • want to know how to project the image you want through your clothes and accessories choices
  • want to look stylish and self confident
  • been wearing the same style for several years
  • unsure of where to start with your personal and professional outfits
  • need a little guidance and direction when it comes to dressing for different occasions
  • wardrobe looking a little tired, and in need of a seasonal overhaul
  • need someone to organise a holiday wardrobe for whatever destination
  • have a special occasion you want to look your best at
  • dressing for romance!
  • want someone to find you the latest unique timepieces and desirable accessories
  • no time or energy to find the right gifts

We are here to help:

We take the stress out of wardrobe choices by selecting outfits and accessories that work with your lifestyle, and show you how to mix and match looks for every occasion and build. We are happy to overhaul your existing wardrobe, filling in any gaps as necessary, and can seasonally refresh and edit your look, freeing up your time and contributing to a stylish image and renewed inner confidence to leave a lasting impression.

Confused in Cartier, baffled by Bulgari or lost in the lingerie department? Let us take the stress and hassle out of finding the perfect presents!

We can find the perfect gift for any occasion - be it a birthday, Valentine's day, anniversary, Christmas, Mothers day or Bar Mitzvah present.